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The Art of Photography

Photography is art and for us there are simply no rules. It’s like jazz: you just do it; you just play the instrument, and with us the instrument is the camera and composition.
In the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve inevitably learned a few things that to this day we abide by. There are so many ways of getting a photograph, but whether it be for a commercial shoot or something “just for us”, we saw that these are the constant 5 Dos and Don’ts in trying to get that picture!

1. Do get creative. Once you have learned the basics and mastered your camera techniques, venture into the unknown and create your own style. There are so many inspirations out there that we can learn from, may it be Pinterest, Instagram, or just browsing from magazines old and new.

2. Get inspired from other forms of art or activities. Since the camera is just a tool and that photo paper is just a canvas, we sometimes need to expose ourselves to other forms of art like music or even dance. Focusing too much on photos of other photographers can lead to imitation. It’s important to sometimes lay down that camera and experience other things, so that when you hold that camera again, there is excitement in forming what you have learned from your other activities.

3. BUT! Don’t copy detail by detail other photographers’ work. This is so common with new photographers or hobbyists. They want to recreate a certain photo that they have seen and claim creative rights to that photo. You can be inspired but bring other elements into the photograph. You might be surprised on what you can create originally.

4. Don’t be too attached to the technical stuff- the rule of thirds, killing all the shadows in a food shot, everything needs to be sharp, etc… Photography is always changing and we are creating new styles every day. Sometimes, I look at my old work and get tired of the same style, lighting, or color scheme. What used to be beautiful in yesterday’s shoots may look bland or boring today. So break the rules!

5. Do exercise your photography skills every single day. Our creative eye can be further enhanced with daily practice just like any other muscle in our body. You might be surprised how many simple things you can photograph in your own place. Try this exercise: take an artistic photo of anything in that room of yours- a bag, your worn out shoes, your favourite pet. Do this for a month and I am a hundred percent sure this will improve your creativity.

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